Article originally published on 16th September 2016

Hot Places to Masturbate

Looking for ideas for Places to Masturbate? In Part 1, we went over some more classic and well-known places to pleasure yourself. In Part 2, we really start getting into the unusual! Regardless of gender or sexuality, if you’re looking for a new place to treat yourself to a masturbation session, then this list is for you.




The Nature:

26. In a Tent

How could we pass up the opportunity to recommend pitching a tent within a tent! Just be aware of shadow movements on the wall of your tent. The folks at the bonfire might be able to see what you’re up to.

27. In a Forest

If you are on a camping trip, you can purposely get lost in the woods to have a little detour with yourself. Being surrounded by nature brings a whole different experience. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent though.

28. On The Beach

Sex on the beach is pretty cliché, but we bet you haven’t thought about masturbating on the beach! If you aren’t a fan of the sand, then slip into the ocean for some natural saltwater sensations.

29. In a Field

Have you ever come across a field with corn stalks or sunflowers that were taller than you? It’s like the perfect place for a private moment and you get to enjoy the full benefits of summer.

30. In a Park

First, do not do this during the day. This list is not meant for you to get arrested. After midnight would be a pretty safe bet, but make sure you’re alone no matter what time of night. There’s something exciting about the risk of being caught, just make sure you’re not imposing yourself on anyone’s view.

31. Deserted Highway

If you’ve ever gone on a road trip, then you know that occasionally there are parts of the road that are just totally deserted. Get out at one of the intersections, stretch your legs and get your hands moving!

32. In a Hammock

How have we never done this? A hammock is the ultimate place to relax. Feet up, swinging above the ground and watching the birds fly by. We think we just improved upon the hammock experience, just make sure you don’t fall out.


The Risky:

33. In the Library

If you want to test out how quiet you can be, then the library might be the place for you. Just make sure you find yourself a nice private corner, hidden behind books so you don’t get kicked out for public indecency.

34. Changing Rooms

We wouldn’t recommend holding up the line of customers trying to try on clothes, but if you find yourself in a private cabin with no one banging on the door – this could be a fun place to try. You also get the bonus of watching yourself in the mirror. Don’t leave a mess on the floor!

35. On a Balcony

If you’re a fan of nature, then you might want to seek out an apartment with a balcony or rooftop access.  We’d suggest you trying this at night so that the neighbors can’t get a peak of what you’re doing. Unless you are into that sort of thing!

36. At Your Crush’s House

We’ve all done this or at least been tempted to do this. You’re on a date, but you’re taking things slow or an annoying roommate inconveniences your plans, and you just need to rub one out. Make sure the door is locked.

37. In a Pool

Please don’t do this in a public pool while other people are swimming, but if you find yourself alone in a large pool or hot tub, then you can totally take advantage. Chlorine will kill anything anyway… right? (Please note that hot tubs and vaginas are not a good mix for masturbation, save your efforts for the changing stalls).

Laundry Room

You’ll have to let us know if the vibrations of a washing machine add to the sensation or not! If you’re feeling particularly risky, then you can perform the same acts in the public laundry room of your apartment complex.

39. Movie Theatre

Let’s face it, sometimes the movie theatre is pretty empty and your mind starts to wander. Again, don’t attempt this in a crowded area, but if you find yourself alone or with very few (emphasis on very few) people, then pick a dark back corner and keep your eyes on the giant screen.

40. Gym Shower

Did you know that exercise is really great for your arousal? It helps send blood to all the right places, which means that every so often the gym shower seems pretty appealing.

41. A Window

This is best done in a hotel room, but feel free to try it at home too. Masturbating next to an open window can be a first step in pushing the boundaries of masturbation locations. You’ll get the breeze, as well as the view of passerby’s. We would suggest not being full-frontal naked in front of the window, but that is up to you.

42. Bathroom Floor

This one is risky for other reasons. Make sure your floor is clean before you attempt this or you might get grossed out. Once it is clean, you can then enjoy the freshness of cold tile along your back. If your apartment is warm, you can almost be certain that the bathroom tiles will be nice and chilly.

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The Unusual:

43. A Lighting Booth

Whether you’re working on a play or a concert or sports game, there is often some kind of secluded booth involved behind-the-scenes. Just make sure to turn off the microphone.

44. Hospital Bed

Sometimes you break a leg or have stomach pains and end up in a hospital room. Sometimes you get left in a room to wait for the doctor for hours – like, actually hours. We know a great way to pass the time if you’re feeling well enough for it.

45. In a Canoe

Canoes are the perfect masturbation accessories. Picture this: you’re in the wild, in the middle of a lake and you have a boat that adequately covers your lower half.  Just try not to tip over.

46. At a Sex Club

Yup, that’s right! You can head to a sex club and masturbate in front of an audience. You’ll have the option of being more private about it too. Sex clubs are a super masturbation-friendly atmosphere.

47. Top of a Mountain

You know what feels great after a really intense hike? Conquering the summit. This is definitely a unique way to celebrate your climb and get you ready for the descent.

48. On a Ski Lift

Bet you never thought of that one! While it might typically be too cold to enjoy skin contact, you might luck out on a warmer day. It’s kind of the perfect spot if you think about it – isolated from everyone else. The people behind you can’t see what you’re doing and the people in front of you won’t turn around. Just make sure to warm up your hand first.

49. On a Golf Course

You’ll never think the same way about the group in front of you holding up the tee time.  If you have a few spare minutes, you can easily occupy them. Or better yet, if your golf ball gets lost in the woods you can take an extra long time to go find it.

The Bonus:

50. With a Partner

Doesn’t matter where you choose to do this, but try mutually masturbating with a partner. You’ll get to show off what you like as well as observe what your partner enjoys. It will be hot to watch and informative for your next session together. Mutual Masturbation FTW!

If you liked this list, let us know of some other places we really need to try masturbating!

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