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Let’s be honest, if you’re browsing the Kiiroo site, then you have probably watched porn at one point in your life. Porn can be watched for a multitude of reasons, including immediate pleasure, experimenting with certain fetishes, getting role-playing ideas, learning techniques, feeling like part of the intimate acts displayed behind the camera and even being part of the action with interactive toys.

There are thousands of free porn sites available, but paying for porn means that you’re supporting small production companies, keeping workers safe and allowing the industry to represent more diverse groups, including those of various ethnicities, sizes, and genders.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these 4 great websites for porn.



PinkLabel TV is a website dedicated to providing the best queer, feminist porn. PinkLabel is the production company overseeing Pink & White Productions and the incredibly groundbreaking CrashPad Series. It also curates a selection of ethical videos from over 30 different production companies that focus on diversity, respect, and consent.

It has aggregated almost 500 of the most diverse films, for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoy alternative porn or are looking for performers that reflect your diversity, then PinkLabel is going to have something for you.


Lust Cinema is home for the erotic videos produced by Erika Lust. These videos stand out from the mainstream due to their film quality and attention to detail for the casting, decoration, clothes, styling, music, and script. Erika Lust creates adult cinema with the emphasis on cinema.

As well as the unique movie-like styling, the website Lust Cinema hosts curated videos of other ethical, alternative porn, with a new release every week.  Erika Lust also takes it a step further with the website XConfessions, where people can anonymously submit stories for the chance to have it turned into an erotic short film. These films are also available on Lust Cinema.


Interactive porn is the way of the future, but on FeelPorna, it is happening now! And better yet, it is focused on interactive porn for people with vaginas! There has been a burst of possibilities for penile interactive porn, leaving the vulva owners feeling a bit left out.

FeelPorna provides videos that interact with the Kiiroo Pearl, causing the vibrator to change patterns in accordance with the porn acts. There are videos to watch on your own or in a couple – whether that means PIV or two vaginas.

Their performers aren’t the most diverse just yet, but what they are doing with interactive porn is a must needed advancement in technology for vibrators.  With FeelPorna and the Kiiroo Pearl, you get to experience porn in a whole different dimension.


While technically not considered porn, MakeLoveNotPorn is a website that hosts videos of real-life couples. Think of it as a curated site for amateurs.  MLNP strives to change the discussion around what real sex looks like, and they have succeeded in providing a diverse range of videos.

People film themselves alone or with a partner, edit the video and then submit it to the website.  Every purchase is profit-shared with the performers, which means that the more you watch the videos, the more you support the contributors.  If you wanted a way to support amateur porn, this is the way to do it.  There won’t be any porn tropes here, just real-world experiences.

If you are looking for more feminist porn, then check out: feministpornguide.com

In order to support performers and producers, make sure to purchase the porn you are watching, no matter what the website.

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