Getting Technical: 5 Reasons to Buy Teledildonic Sex Toys

The rise of teledildonics can sometimes feel surreal. It’s almost like a futuristic sex toy utopia is just on the horizon; combining technology and sensuality to allow us to connect in increasingly varied ways.

For those who don’t know, teledildonics is interactive sex toys which allow people to have real-time sexual experiences through the use of the internet. While still relatively new, teledildonics is expanding the horizon when it comes to love and sex in the digital age, making new and exciting connections ever more accessible. In the case of the Onyx and Pearl, for example, users can touch their device and have the movement fed back to their partner immediately, allowing for an instant digital connection. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

In this article we’re going to look at 5 reasons as to why buying a teledildonic is a good idea. But enough foreplay, let’s dive right in!

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1. They make Long Distance Relationships Easier

Let’s face it; Long Distance Relationships can be absolutely agonizing at times. Even if regular visits are possible the moments where you’re apart can be incredibly disheartening. The benefits of sexting have long been appreciated by couples in a long distance relationship, but teledildonics takes it a step further.

With teledildonics and the Kiiroo platform couples are able to see each other, speak to each other and (most importantly) feel each other. By providing tactile stimulation in real-time teledildonics allow you to be intimate in a different way.

Of course, this can’t replicate actually holding your partner, but it does bring you tangibly closer to each other, which is always important when in a long distance relationship.

2. They’re One of the Best Forms of Safe Sex

But of course, online sexual encounters have a practical element to them as well. As long as your teledildonics are made out of body-safe materials and are well-maintained they facilitate some of the safest sex you could possibly have with another person.

A silicone-coated dildo like the Pearl is not going to give you a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), for example, neither will it come with a potential pregnancy scare. This may not seem like a big thing if you’re in a long-term relationship, but for non-committed encounters it’s invaluable.

Teledildonics allows people to explore their sexual desires without fear of medical repercussions, which is a massive step forward.

3. They Open Up A Whole New World

Virtual reality games online often provide their own form of titillation, but with teledildonics, they suddenly become much more intense. Imagine enjoying a romp with your favorite virtual guy or gal? Teledildonic products such as Kiiroo make this possible with their adult toys.

In fact, Kiiroo is partnered with Thrixx, allowing users to feel the sensation of a virtual rendezvous through the Onyx. This is digital sex created exactly how you want it and with a whole new level of immersion. A digital fantasy merged with reality.

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4. They Make Sex With Your Favorite Porn Stars Possible

As studies have shown, watching porn is not only normal but can also a healthy part of a person’s sex life. Still, never before have people been able to truly connect to the porn stars they View. Up until this point they have been viewed but not necessarily experienced.

Teledildonics change this dynamic and allow people to essentially hook up with their favorite sexual icons. Whether through interactive porn or live cam girl experiences, teledildonics offer users the chance to deepen their sexual experiences with their favorite porn stars and to truly become part of the action.

5. You Get to Be Part of the Future of Sex Tech

As you’ve probably already guessed, teledildonics signals a massive step forward in the world of sex tech and interactive digital experiences. Whether they connect you and your partner, act as a safe-sex alternative, or make your desires more accessible, teledildonics are leading the way in terms of sex tech innovation.

To be part of this experience—to have a role to play in the early stages of teledildonics—is its own thrill.

And that’s just 5 reasons to buy a teledildonics. Whether you fall into one of the above categories or have your own reason for wanting a piece of scintillating sex tech one thing’s for sure: Sex tech is here to stay and teledildonics are only going to get more impressive (and tempting) from here on.

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Emmeline Peaches

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