Adult Sex Toys - The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Christmas holidays are all about spending time with your lover(s). People in a Long-Distance relationship often find themselves far away from their significant other. Thus, making it hard to physically spend time together. 

Being separated by distance makes it hard to be intimate. Even when you rely on your phone or laptop for communication, it still feels like something is missing. Every human being deserves a loving touch. Especially during these grim, dark, and cold winter nights.

KIIROO's interactive sex toys help you enjoy maintain a healthy sex life. Claim back the ability to enjoy your long-distance partner's tender touch.

This holiday gift guide contains everything you will need during this festive season!

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      OhMiBod Fuse Powered by KIIROO

Ohmibod Fuse Kiiroo

Christmas lights and the star on top of your tree?

Ignite a connection with your lover from any distance, and let them control your pleasure when you use the OhMiBod Fuse Powered by KIIROO.

The LED lights will turn your bedroom into an Christmas disco party and leave your partner yearning for more.

This dual-stimulating vibe makes the excitement of control all the more exciting because there are so many ways to play.

The touch-sensitive shaft gives you control of the vibration intensity. It will leave you with more than just the Christmas spirit and cheer in the air. If you get what we mean ;) 

Serving suggestions:

Pair the Fuse with a Launch. You can control your partner’s length and stroke with a simple tap of the clit-stim, all while you set off those Christmas lights.

You won't know where all those ooooh’s and aaaahhhh’s are coming from because you will both literally keep coming and cumming and coming…..

Christmas is in the air right?

But, perhaps you prefer a more gentle touch, like the Pearl2. Pearl2 is sleek, beautiful and is 100% waterproof.

Pairing Pearl2 and Fuse is a match made in heaven…. well, it will make you feel like you are in heaven.

A twist on vibrations

But, what about if you want someone else to be in control? Well then a pairing with TITAN may be the answer for you.

If you want to be at the back of Santa's sled, then let TITAN be your leader. Let TITAN spread the Christmas cheer all over you! And not just for Christmas, but all YEAR round.

Fleshlight Launch Powered by KIIROO

christmas gift guide kiiroo


The Fleshlight Launch Powered by KIIROO is meant to let you sit back and enjoy the ride, all the way into outer space. But what if you don't want to go to space after you Lock, Lube and Liftoff? Then perhaps a visit to the north pole to visit Santa's secret lair is on the cards. 

Let the reindeer's take you there with Fleshlight Launch’s autopilot mode and jingle, jingle, jingle yourself merry.

But what if the autopilot mode is not for you?

Pair with Fuse

The Launch is best served with Fuse, as Fuse is programmed to drive the Launch wild with it's special features that let you control the length and speed of the stroke.

Send your Christmas jingles across distances and watch Fuse sing away as you dance to the disco lights.

Pair with Pearl2

Paired with Pearl2, the Launch will do many things… watch your lover play in the bath or shower and let them drive you wild with their musing.

Paired with TITAN

TITAN likes to be in control, so why not let TITAN spread the Christmas cheer in your ear. 

We will let your imagination run wild on this one. YOUR WELCOME!


gift guide kiiroo

TITAN is a charming fellow. Strong and tough on the outside, but soft and lovable on the inside. TITAN enjoys those grey winter days where he gets to snuggle in bed with you all day.

With a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket, TITAN is all you need to make the lead up to Christmas all the more exciting!

TITAN likes to make the balls, I mean bells jingle. Pair with the Launch and let TITAN be the carriage that sends the Launch in a frenzy of different speeds and strokes.

Dance to party music by pairing it with a Fuse and control the color of the party lights.

If you want to get wet and wild then the Pearl2 would be your best partner.

When TITAN is in charge, you control the play!


xmas gift guide kiiroo

As we have already mentioned; Pearl2 is charming and delectable. With a nice cocktail and a nice warm bath, you shan't need more to make those cold winter days feel like they are a mile away.

Pearl2 will sing to your song, and make your stresses disappear, one at a time…

Pair with the Launch, Fuse, and Titan; this beauty can handle getting wet. It's too cold to dash through the snow, so dress up in a sexy bikini and tease your partner while you get all hot and steamy in the comfort of your own home. 

Have yourself a Merry Little XXX Christmas this year!