10 Tips On Having Hot Summer Sex

It is that time of year we have all been waiting for: summer. We can finally ditch the jackets, throw on some shorts and flip-flops and drink sangria on a terrace. It is the perfect season, except for one thing: sweaty summer sex.

The humidity might frizz your hair, cause multiple deodorant re-applications and possibly a butt puddle, but it doesn’t have to stop you from feeling sexy and getting some play time in with your partner. Want to have hot summer sex this year without all the heat? Here is how.

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1. Shower Sex

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The most obvious solution is to have shower sex. Turn on the cold water and let it splash down your bodies. Shower sex is always fun, but this time it will be majorly invigorating. There are tons of shower-friendly sex positions that you can try out.

2. Keep it Frozen

frozen kiiroo

Bringing ice cubes into the bedroom is an instant way to cool down. You can gently rub a cold ice cube along your partner’s erogenous zones for a wildly refreshing sensation. Pop the ice cube in your mouth to circle their body with your cold lips.

If ice cubes are too messy, then freeze some grapes instead! The water inside will solidify, but won’t leave you a puddle on your bed. Also, you get a mid-coitus bonus treat.

3. Temperature Play with Toys

cool down kiiroo

Did you know that your glass and metal sex toys can be cooled? Sticking them in the fridge or a cold bowl of water will cool down their core temperature. This way you can start playing with them and get a shivery sensation. They will eventually warm up to your body temperature, but it can be a great way to start off a session.

4. Strategic Fan Placement

kiiroo fan

Fans are absolutely necessary. If you have AC, you are lucky. If you have a fan, then you need to learn how to strategically place it. You want it directly on your bodies, but not aimed at any genitals. Remember, testicles will shrivel in the cold, and vulvas will often ‘dry’ in high wind. Unless you want to keep re-applying lube, aim the fan somewhere besides the genitals.

5. Natural Wind

natural breeze kiiroo

If it happens to be a breezy night and you want to spice things up, then consider taking your summer sex session outside. Simply being on a private balcony, rooftop or porch can be thrilling and a nice change of air. Nighttime will have the freshest air, but make sure to head outside after all the mosquitos are gone.

6. Get Creative with Non-Contact

There are some sexual positions that require a whole lot of body contact. Fortunately for the summer months, there are also positions that require minimal body contact. Typically, the more contact there is, the sweatier it will be. Aim for something that involves very little skin-to-skin.

7. Sleep Naked

Going to bed naked might not be the sexiest thing, as you both lie there dripping sweat into the sheets. However, waking up naked, after the night air has cooled down the room, can be incredibly sexy. Turning over to find your partner’s bare butt can get things going earlier than usual.

8. Romantic AC Weekend

Everyone deserves a little vacation during the summer. Make sure your hotel has air conditioning. Turn it up, and have a night that reminds you of winter, with full body contact and lots of cuddles.

9. Skinny Dipping

It isn’t really recommended to have sex directly in a pool or a lake, but you can still have some fun in the water. Go skinny dipping together, getting to feel each other’s naked body underwater. Then, while you’re still cooled off, head inside to have some fun.

10. Embrace the Sweat

You’re going to sweat, and at some point you need to embrace this. There are ways to make it more convenient in your life, like planning to shower after sex instead of before, and keeping a towel nearby to wipe off beads of sweat (some people really drip). However, the point of sex is to have fun, and part of that is getting super hot and sweaty and getting lost in the moment. So go have some hot, sweaty, humid, soaking wet summer sex. We guarantee it’s worth it.
Any other tips you can think of for having sex when it is hot out?

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Written by:

Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks