If you ask Joe Sixpack or Mary Sue in the streets what the adult industry looks like, they will more often than not, tell horrific tales of sleazy Hawaii-shirt wearing neckbeards with overpriced sunglasses, preying on eager youthful actors and wannabe starlets. Stories of pimps, madams, hoes and manwhores, gangsters and crime queens.

But if you dig deeper, and you ask them if they even ever met anyone one who works in adult, they will tell you they haven't and that all their perceptions are based on crappy movies from the 80s and 90s.

But what kind of a person does it take to venture into adult, and come out successful? What people make the Adult Industry, the multi-billion industry that it is today? 

Kees is looking for new career opportunities. And he has a strong interest in Adult Entertainment. He discovers that most of the stigma's society has projected on this sector are 100% rooted in fiction. He encounters people who are warm and welcoming. Businessmen and women, who are just like him. Friendly, hard-working, regular people.

In Episode 2 of the mini-series "How to get started in the Adult Industry" Kees talks to more thought leaders. At the AVN WMA conference in Amsterdam, he sits down with the great minds that are the driving force behind adult entertainment as you know and enjoy it.

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He talks to Andreas from Age-ify and discovers more about why it is important to have companies optimizing age verification processes for the future generations of users and webmasters. 

He talks to Chris from Traffic Junky to find out what it takes to become a successful traffic broker and how to use traffic from traffic junky to further his business.

Andrea from Model Centro shows kees the world of content monetization.
You have content... But where should you publish, how do you connect with an audience? And if you already have a fanbase. How do you make the most of it?

Teresa and Cathy from SegPay educate Kees on all things financial.
So after you monetize,.. how do you even collect your income?
These Maverick Mavens mean business and can talk Money all day.

Kees discovers that there are special hosting companies that focus on the adult vertical. He meets up with Natalie from MojoHost, one of the finest in the industry to do it. She explains to him how to get started as a hosting company or how to use an adult hosting company to bring your ideas as an adult entrepreneur to life.

 Check out Episode 1