Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day.

The person who is most likely a malcontent about it is a single person.

Primarily, because many let Valentine’s Day reinforce the idea that one is not complete unless they are in a couple. And that is not necessarily the case.

In fact, I personally feel it’s better to feel complete before entering a relationship, and let fate bring you a significant other who adds to your sense of completion, and you theirs.

However, since single people must endure this holiday. So what can we do to get us through the violins in our heads, and sex we’ll be hearing throughout the night from couples celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I might have some suggestions…………

Have a Masturbation & Pornfest

If you live in a big city, many couples around you are going to be going at it.

To the point that you’re probably going to hear a big enough chorus of couples’ sex sounds that their combined sounds can penetrate even the thickest of walls.

So make your own noise.

Make a porn playlist, get your needed toys, lubricant, and cleaning supplies together, and have a release of the tension.

Because although it’s not talked about much, when we know the couple is good-looking, the sound of sex makes many of us horny.

Go to, or host a Sex Party

If you don’t want to be alone, since single people often hang out with other single people, especially on Valentine’s Day. If you know of a good sex party happening that night, go there.

Better yet, you might easily have enough people to make a list so you can invite a friend with benefits, and some of their single friends, and host a sex party of your own.

Call a single Friend with Benefits

Whoever’s place you hook up at, you don’t have to be trapped into hearing the symphony of sex. With the neighbors being, shall we say, “orchestra members”.

Let you and your friend with benefits create your own orchestra.

Creating a symphony consisting of your own heavy breathing, dirty talk, moans, sweaty body slaps, and whatever else you bring to your “concert”.

Some couples hate Valentine’s Day, Too

The reason they hate Valentine’s Day is because the holiday enforces monogamy. And those in an open relationship of some kind might not take to kindly to that.

Plus, being that it is a holiday, it tells you to praise your significant other based on someone else’s calendar, and not your own.

With those things in mind. Some unconventional couple’s might make a Valentine’s Day gift be, to give their partner a playmate beside themselves.

Such an invitation can be for a 3-way, or to only be watched by the gift-giving partner.

NOTE: Whatever scenario with a couple, I would suggest to not go through with it unless you have a sexual attraction to both members of the couple.

For you might get invited to have sex with only the one you’re attracted to, but what if the other decides to want in? You’re not the primary. So you would come off rude to say “no”.

With these suggestions, I hope if you normally hate Valentine’s Day that my suggestions will now have you looking forward to it.

For Valentine’s Day is about love, and these suggestions can make it a day about loving yourself, and “connect” with those who you may not be in love with, but do see eye to eye with.

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Written By

LeNair Xavier

Guest Blogger