Competition Winner

If you have been following Kiiroo’s activity, you know that we ran a competition during Masturbation Month.

The glorious month of May is also known as Masturbation Month. And here at Kiiroo, we held a competition for you to get a chance to win a device of your choice.

After going through all your amazing stories, we have picked a winner!

We all feel that this entry is not only entertaining but also relatable. The winner has already been informed and they have picked the Kiiroo device of their choice. The winner chose The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo Stamina Training Unit Combo Pack! 

Fleshlight launch kiiroo for him

Here is the entry of the #Caughtrighthanded competition winner.

I have two stories of the by far the most embarrassing moments of my life. For Context, I am now 20.

The very first time I ever masturbated I was in the bathroom with the door locked. Everything was great until I started to feel the buildup. Obviously, I had never felt anything like this before but I continued. As I got closer and closer I started to get a bit light-headed. Then when I finally finished I passed out and fell head first into a radiator heater.

As you may know, radiators echo. After what seemed like hours (but was in fact only about 40 seconds) I wake up with hard knocking on the toilet door, like someone was trying to break it down. I was terrified! With my underwear at my ankles, my father burst into the room with me standing there nude, bleeding from my forehead and crying.

He thought I had broken something. But all I had was a little cut on my forehead, that later had to get butterfly stitches (I still have a very faint scar). Almost 9 years on, he still doesn't know the full story but often mentions it from time to time. By far the MOST embarrassing moment of my life.

My second time getting caught, happened only a few years ago. I was watching porn in my room and having a session. The week beforehand my mother bought a Google Chromecast and we were all loving it. My parents were watching a movie downstairs and I continued with my session. Suddenly my phone had a pop-up. I curiously clicked it. Then I hear my parents screaming from downstairs, as the video (Lesbian Porn which I may add), was playing at full volume. All I can say is, I had the worst conversation a guy can get from his parents. Period.

We would like to thank all participants for their amazing entries!