Penis size; a much-debated topic

An Opinion Piece by the Legendary LeNair Xavier

In case you didn’t know, my day job is that I work in a well-known sex shop in the U.S. With that, I see a lot of trends. Some for the better, and some for the worst.
This article is addressing one that I’m seeing for the worst.

It’s guys buying penis pumps and extenders.

This is alarming because it means more and more males are doubting their sexual prowess, and it’s being told to them that their penis size is to blame.
So that’s cruelty in communication. Plus, if you don’t know what you’re doing, one can do permanent damage to the penis by using a penis pump.

Especially if they do so repeatedly, and excessively.
So one must ask themselves if the risk of permanent penile damage worth a quick-fix to a larger penis that’s going to go back to its normal size once you take off the cock ring you put on after pumping?

Bigger is better?

The idea of Bigger is better” is one of the main fallacies spread since the days of colonial slavery.
Hence why white slave owners were threatened by the “big black cock”, which now in the fetishizing of black males, lead to the crude hashtag of “#BBC”.

And this idea has been continued by the porn industry hiring only males perceived as well-endowed, with scene partners instructed to act like it’s the best sex ever because of that size.

I should know because I used to be a gay porn actor, who was a “bottom” (receiver of penetration) in all of my studio-based videos.

The Penis Pump

I tried a penis pump out of curiosity a couple of years ago.
Now, I have never seen myself as having a penis that’s too large, or too small.
I have always seen myself as proportionate, even after a porn director once told me, in a totally unrelated conversation, that I wasn’t big enough to be a “top” (penetrating male in gay sex) for his movies.

Well, if I had used that pump after that insult, that socially inept moron of a director might have been satisfied, but I would not have been.
Because as far as I’m concerned, after pumping, my penis looked disproportionate to my body. Looking like it belonged on an alien, instead of on me.

After pumping, my penis looked disproportionate to my body. Looking like it belonged on an alien, instead of on me.”

Now, what made that director a socially inept moron is the fact that his insult was the day of a shoot before shooting even began. Dumb move considering how one’s sexual ego is the tool a porn actor needs to do their job. But I wasn’t embarrassed or broken by his comment. I was enraged because I thought of how this would affect someone not as self-assured about their body as me. So I got my revenge by denying him a cumshot, which in gay porn, both a top and bottom are supposed to give.

Fleshlight launch kiiroo for him

Pay no Attention to People that can’t Value your Penis Size

That director wasn’t the only one who could have broken my faith in my penis size. I have also been to sex parties where guys will see my face, like my body, so they grab my dick, feel the length and girth,… then walk away. Sometimes, however, they come back. Either because they’re insatiable, or they lust for me after seeing me penetrate someone else. So then they want to experience the same pleasure the playmate they witnessed expressed.

However, after their dismissal of me earlier, I instantly lose my interest in them. So an erection is not going to happen easily since my normal routine is to focus on that person. So for the sake of hoping I’m one day proven wrong, to get an erection, I focus on either the thought of being in the “size queen’s” hole (and not focus on their “standards”) or the memory of someone else. Sadly, however, what do I always, always, always, ALWAYS find?… A loose hole.

Opinionated Size-Queen’s

So being an unprepared size-queen has led to them having a loose hole because they are not taking care of their bodies by doing exercises like Kegels. I do Kegels all the time, and it has led to me being sexually satisfied by males of almost all sizes. As well as giving pleasure to males of all sizes. So yes, Kegels can work for males as well.

Please don’t misunderstand my statements about gay male bottoms and straight women who are size-queens. I’m not judging you being a size-queen in general.
My point here is to say that if you’re going to be a size-queen, then do so out of preference, not the physical necessity from actions regarding your own detriment.
So if you have become the latter, it’s never too late to try becoming the former.

Start doing Kegels now
, or females can start using a dilator as another choice in trying to repair their bodies.

Size-Queens should take better care of their body. Kegel exercises can help rejuvenate your Anus.

Another advantage to Kegels is that by doing them, you can become a better source to yourself in being aware as to who in all actuality is the better lover. When you reach that point, you will most likely find the guy with the average or less than average sized penis as the better lover.

Stay Strong and have Faith in what Nature gave You!

The reason for this is that mainstream porn often celebrates the stereotypical message of the “bigger is better” myth.
This bad influence has led “better”-endowed males to feel all they have to do to be considered “a great lover” is to enter the orifice with no rhythm or special move required.
And stereotypical porn teaches the receiver of the penetration to teach themselves to accept this laziness from such a male.

Meanwhile, a male with an average or less-than-average-sized penis might be more inclined to put in the extra work to make sure his partner is satisfied.
And if that penetrated partner has not followed this type of porn’s bad lead, then they will no doubt feel the benefits of that guy’s extra work.
It’s why I know what I know.

My main hope by bestowing all of this information is for both parties to do their part in having great sexual relations.
And to let any guys questioning their sexual prowess because of their size to have faith.
Have faith because if you haven’t done steroids or something else that can decrease your penis size, then you are working with what nature gave you.

So you should know that there is a great chance that dismissal claimed to be about your penis size is very likely the other person’s need to correct themselves.
Not you. So stay strong.

Written by:

LeNair Xavier
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