2014 was a big year for sex-tech, and 2015 is shaping up to be even more exciting. We at KIIROO were able to launch our long-awaited Onyx and Pearl in February, and are already working on the next generation of luxurious cyber adult toys. But who else is in the game, and what are they working on?

OhMiBod, a company known for incorporating music and sound technology into their female vibrators, came out with BlueMotion in early 2014. The BlueMotion experience takes the company’s ClubVibe form factor (a panty vibe) and makes it controllable via a smartphone app. The range is no longer a factor in controlling your partner’s adult toy – in fact, Epiphora had hers controlled from a plane. OhMiBod doesn’t offer interactive couples toys, but they’ve been on the cutting edge of app technology for years now.

In early 2015, JeJoue introduced Dua and Nuo, two new remote-controlled female vibrators. Dua is designed for G-spot and clitoral stimulation, while Nuo is the first ever remote-controlled vibrating anal sex toy. Both adult toys can be controlled using a cleverly designed remote that looks like a luxurious pen, or the JeJoue app. The app can be used from anywhere in the world.

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We-Vibe has been making the world’s leading vibrator for couples since 2008. Their signature product, the eponymous We-Vibe, is now in its fifth generation (although it’s known as the We-Vibe 4+). The We-Vibe 4+ sits comfortably in an L-shape, with the smaller arm inserted against the G-spot and the larger arm against the clitoris. The We-Vibe provides extra stimulation during partnered PIV sex. Thanks to its new smartphone app, it also works well as a panty vibe, a foreplay device, or a way to connect with your lover at a distance.

The new LovePalz Twist collection is available for preorder, while their Zeus S and Hera S devices are still being sold. Zeus and Hera are designed for couples to connect and play together online, while Twist will enable social networking via the LovePalz Club. It’s unclear whether the Twist collection toys interact with each other, though the form factors are very attractive.

Nora and Max, Lovense teledildonic devices, are designed to work together interactively, or individually using the Lovense app. Nora is the only dual-stimulator, Rabbit-style teledildonic vibrator. On one hand, this is a selling point, because that design tends to be popular. However, as many women have noticed, one Rabbit design does not work for everyone’s anatomy. Whether Nora will work for you is highly dependent upon your vulva’s particular landscape.

So, if we had to guess, what does the future hold? Surely, there will be more toys intended for interactive or couples’ use. As we already know, the number of long-distance relationships is rising, and long distance couples are staying together longer thanks to myriad opportunities to stay in touch. It’s a big market. At KIIROO, we’re going to keep improving and adding to our collection. Is there something you’d like to see? We’d love it if you’d drop us a line at info@KIIROO.com.