Talk Dirty to Me: 5 Tips for Successful Sexting

No longer confined to mobile phones the ‘sext’ can be defined as any sexually suggestive messages sent via email, IM or text. Great for long distance couples and pretty much everyone else, we’ve basically become sext-obsessed over the past few years.

One study found that a whopping 87.8% of the people that they surveyed had engaged in sexting. That’s a lot of sexts! However, as well all know quality trumps quantity and content quality, the key to a successful sexting session.

So if you’re feeling nervous about how to sext don’t worry! Whether you plan to use sexting as foreplay to an evening encounter or as part of your long distance loving these sexting tips should help you and your partner reach sexual satisfaction.

#1 Make Your Intentions Clear

If you’re sexting someone, chances are you’re horny and you want them to be horny too, so let them know this!

By making it clear that you’re going into sexting territory you give yourself and your partner a chance to be in the right headspace (and to perhaps find a more discreet place to continue your digital adventures).

Making it clear to your partner that you want them will also be a huge turn on for them. A great start for what’s up ahead.

#2 Avoid Common Mistakes and Learn From the Pros

Don’t use emojis, don’t use too much sex slang, and for god’s sake, don’t send unsolicited nude pics.  Proper sexting is an art form.

Grammar and spelling matters when it comes to sexting. You’re trying to weave and erotic fantasy that will lure your partner in. Typically, that’s much easier to do when you avoid phrases like K, whatevz, and U R sooo hot. Sexting is a great opportunity to tap into your inner wordsmith so get creative!

If you’re struggling, then try looking at some popular erotica and take some inspiration from the way they write. For bonus points find out what your partner’s favorite racy literature is and work from there. They’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

#3 Call on Past Encounters

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about where to start with your sexting then work from experience. Did your partner do something you really liked recently? Let them know about it. Tell them how much it turned you on.

From there you can sidestep into fantasy by asking what they’d do if they were there or if they got a chance to do that to you again.

Not only is this a great way to build sexual tension, but it also gives you a great platform to let your partner know what you love about your encounters. Communication is crucial in a relationship and if you can have fun during the process then that’s a bonus.

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#4 Show That You Know What Turns Them On

Sexting isn’t just about letting your partner know what you enjoy, it’s also about tapping into their desires and creating a joint fantasy to please and tease each other. As such, once you’ve got the sexting ball rolling by talking about what you like then it might be worth changing pace by focusing on your partner’s desires.

Don’t be afraid to play on your partner’s preferences when sexting. Tease them with their favorite lines. Use your pet names. Cater to their kinks.

As with taking inspiration from their favorite erotica, your partner will appreciate the fact that you’ve made the effort and will respond favorably. It’s also a great way to show them that you care and that you know exactly what they like.

#5 Then Explore New Ideas

At first, it may seem like the safe option to sext-based off of what you already know about each other, but sometimes a dash of the unknown can be exactly what a sext session needs.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try with your partner, but haven’t been brave enough to mention then sexting is a great way to playfully test the waters. Behind the barrier of the screen, everything is just a little less scary, after all.

Introduce your fantasies mid-sext session and see how things turn out. Based on your partner’s reaction you can either begin exploring further together or move on to something else.

Sexting isn’t just a place to test your own kink either. Take an open approach to sexting. Show a willingness to see where things go and you might find that you discover more about your partner’s inclinations too.

Written by

Emmeline Peaches

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