Celebrate your Lifestyle Choices

Kiiroo Shells out Singles' Day Discounts

Singles's day is upon us! That means you get to treat yourself to something sweet!
Forget about all your sorrows and the cold and depressing outside world!
Flatout ignore peer pressure from friends and family trying to brute-force their vision for your future on to you!
Celebrate your deafness to your "wannabe grand-parents" parents clamoring on about their need for you to reproduce!

Instead, warm up to the comforting glow of taking care of Numero Uno!
Spend the day doing you!

This November 11th we have some wonderful discounts ready for you! 

Celebrate your choice to be a single and just have unrestricted fun this weekend!

Our Singles' Day deals

Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo
Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch singles day 2017 

Get a free Set of VR goggles (worth $28)  with your purchase of a Fleshlight Launch.
In addition, you get a 20% discount on any Extra Options in the presented bundle deals.

Kiiroo Onyx

Kiiroo Onyx Singles Day 2017

An insane deep discount of 65% on our former Flagship model.
A fully Teledildonic masturbator for people with a penis :P


The OhMiBod Esca powered by Kiiroo

Kiiroo OhMiBod Esca Singles Day 2017

Lovely for online performers and adventurous singles who love to put on a show.
You will love this one-way responsive insertable that reacts to Teledildonic pleasure products' input or even to specific sounds!

Kiiroo Pearl2

Kiiroo Pearl2 - Singles Day 2017

 A royal discount of 20% on our signature, cutting-edge G-Spot Vibrator.
Discount valid on both the purple as well as the black edition.

The OhMiBod Fuse powered by Kiiroo

Kiiroo OhMiBod Fuse - Singles Day

A royal discount of 20% on the latest collaboration between OhMiBod and Kiiroo.
A Rabbit Style 2-Way Massager that responds to Touch and Sound.