Teledildonic sex toys can definitely be seen as the future in sex toys. Even though they have been out for a good while now. My first experience with such a toy was about 5 years ago with a Real Touch, a sex toy meant for males to interact with a porn video. Sending the probable sensations from the person in the passive role of (oral, vaginal, or anal) sex into the machine. Thereby sending the sensation to the toy holder’s penis. Well, we have come a good way from that. And not a moment too soon.

As more couples have long distance relationships, so comes the need for them to stay connected sexually the best way they can. With that said, the use of teledildonics, sending sexual sensations over distances, seems the next logical step. Especially since sending sexual sensations over distances is what teledildonics was created for. And this technology easily makes teledildonic outdo your typical sex toy of today. In spite of all of the varying vibration patterns and movements, non-teledildonic sex toys are able to do today.

Another reason why teledildonic sex toys outdo most adult sex toys is that they can be used as a teaching tool between partners. Let’s say that in an honest discussion, one partner reveals how he/she is not satisfied by the other as much as they think they should be. A couple can use a set of paired teledildonic toys (like Kiiroo’s Onyx and Pearl) as a foreplay of sorts over time. First, use the toys to tell one another what exact action he/she can do to bring them closer to orgasm. Once you have made that discovery with the toy, then you can implement those actions into real live sex with each other.

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Some might ask, “Why use a toy, instead of each other?”

You can do that. After all, that’s how the human race got this far in sexual satisfaction. However, for some, doing these tests of what works for your partner during real-world sex can cause more performance anxiety. So let’s consider the possibility that the technology of teledildonics is a step towards the future that might alleviate some (or a lot) of that anxiety. If that’s the case, then why not give it a try.

While on the subject of anxiety, that and stress (of one kind or another) are the main causes males have occurrences of premature ejaculation. So using a teledildonic toy can act as a stamina training unit. A male can do this by either using his toy while watching an interactive porn or again, he can use the toy with his partner. Training himself alone with the porn, or with his partner with having a synched teledildonic toy. This way he avoids disappointing her when he’s flesh to flesh with her. For he has then trained himself to control his thrusts so that he doesn’t orgasm so quickly.

Now you might have noticed that when I speak of using a teledildonic toy with a partner that I speak only of heterosexual sex. Trust me, I have not forgotten you, gay readers. The reason I have kept my talk of partners to be of straight couples is because at the moment sex toys to be inserted into the anus must have a flared base. And as far as I know, no such teledildonic sex toy exist. Therefore, these toys at the moment are made for vaginal play only, and not anal play.

With that said, I do believe that an anal toy of the sort will come around soon. And when it does, I imagine that more people, straight and gay, will be catching up on their knowledge of sex toy technology. Grinning from ear to ear about all that teledildonics has to offer.

LeNair Xavier


Guest Blogger

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