Discovering the wonderful word of Interactive Sex Toys for men?
Taking a plunge into the unknown, exploring Designer Teledildonics?

If this is the case, you have most likely come across the Term Male Masturbator.
Pleasure products designed for people with a penis!

Today we will be going over the differences and similarities between Kiiroo's sex toys for men.

The Difference and Similarities between Kiiroo's Sex Toys for Men

Kiiroo Designs and Develops Designer Teledildonic Male Masturbators that are fully Teledildonic. That means that they are both haptic and kinesthetic.
At Kiiroo we exclusively work with body-safe materials. The Highest grades of RealFeel thermoplastic rubbers ensure we deliver you with a heart-warming sensation everytime you penetrate our toys. 
the difference between kiiroos male masturbators kiiroo

The Difference between Kiiroo's Male Masturbators

Amongst women, it is widely understood that every person with a vagina is built slightly different. Everyone enjoys a different sensation. Some people are looking for a clit stim, others for a G-Spot massager and yet other for a booming bass to make their entire body quiver.

Ladies know that what works for one, might not work for the next. That's why for over 21,000 years female pleasure products have come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and plumage. Some ladies enjoy robust marble or hardened glass. Others prefer cold medical-grade steel and yet others smooth silicone. 

Men don't have that option really. Only for the past 20 years have sex toys for men started to find acceptance. And that's a shame, to be honest. Men are lagging behind in a major way.
Why shouldn't proud penis owners get a chance at enhanced sexual bliss? 

Here at Kiiroo, we know that like women, men are also uniquely endowed. Much like ladies we all enjoy something else. That's why we have covered all 3 major areas in penile pleasure.

The Kiiroo Onyx2

Kiiroo Onyx2 male masturbator interactive sex toy for men

The Onyx is a fully interactive male masturbator that excels at a clenching, milking motion that can bless you with the most intimate massage your penis has ever experienced. The Kiiroo Onyx2 is clad with a designer RealSkin Fleshlight Sleeve. Crafted to envelope your engorged member and cusp and clasp it with a firm grip, milking you into a pure state of ecstasy.

The Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo

Fleshlight is the best brand when it comes to creating fake pussies, asses, and mouths for your masturbatory pleasure. Their RealSkin sleeves are unmatched in the adult industry. When we got the chance to design a toy for Fleshlight we jumped at the opportunity to work with such a prestigious, award-winning toy.

The Launch is a Kiiroo Device you can mount any classic Fleshlight in. Your favorite Fleshlight just screws in there. And opposed to moving your Fleshlight up and down yourself, The Launch does all the heavy work for you.

The Fleshlight Launch specializes in a pumping motion. So if you like to kick back and feel the Launch riding you all the way to orgasm-heaven as you consume your favorite porn. Go for the launch. It's for people who dream away at the thought of passionate deep strokes. But if you want to actively thrust, the Launch is the only sex toy that can simulate rough sex. You can relentlessly pound it to your heart's desire as it pumps up to 180 times a minute.

The Titan by Kiiroo

Titan by Kiiroo - Kiiroo Titan

The Titan is the classic Stroker redesigned.
Imagine stroking the softest RealFeel skin up and down your shaft.

You can manually control your pleasure by penetrating the Titan and sliding it up and down your dick. The Titan is ideal for people who enjoy dipping their penis head into an orifice over and over again. once inside and fully inserted, your cock is welcomed by 9 of the most powerful vibration modules available to men.

You can play with how deep you want to penetrate the Titan. Making this the perfect toy for people who enjoy edging and tantric masturbation. Titan's RealFeel sleeves gradually warm to your body. Giving you the experience of being balls-deep in a real pussy or anus.

The Similarities between all Male Masturbators by Kiiroo

Let's not beat around the bush here.
Our only objective is to make toys you enjoy fucking.
We see it as our duty to enhance your love-life and solo sessions with earth-shattering deep warm orgasms.

Our Toys are perfect for couple's play. Whether your lover is right next to you or miles away. Couples in a long distance relationship really love our toys because they let them make love over any distance. Finally providing long-distance lovers the option to touch each other no matter how far apart.
Couples who regularly see one and other, love it that our toys can be used for mutual masturbation, sensual foreplay or enjoying erotic content together.

But if you are looking for some masturbatory solo options!!!!!! Then look no further. 
Because Kiiroo's line of Male Masturbators can level up your fap-game like nothing ever could before.

If you want to enjoy automated stroking or pumping, we've got you covered.
Looking to feel exactly what you favorite cam-performer does to your cock? We've got you covered. Want to fully immerse yourself in your favorite erotic VR experience, let us show you what is possible.

Make love to your partner over the internet!!!!

What you see is what you feel.
Our toys will let you feel every lick, thrust, clench or tender touch you see on screen.

All of our toys:

  • Can make you feel what you see
  • Are made from body-safe materials
  • Are fully teledildonic
  • Loaded to the brim with powerful motors and telemetry
  • Are best experienced with water-based lubes
  • Can be used with other Kiiroo Products or those of our Partners.
  • Can be used to enjoy Live Cam Models, VR Porn, Classic interactive erotic content, Interactive audio-books, and Adult Games.
  • Are designed to drain your ballsack in the most satisfying way possible

Understanding Sex Tech

Sex Tech is basically all technology that can be applied for adult personal entertainment. It could be a specific form of AI, a payment processing protocol, video streaming technology, or even motion tracking software. 
Here at Kiiroo we solely focus on interactive, haptic and kinesthetic toys.
We describe our toys with terms that can sometimes sound a little bit too Techy.

So, let me break it down for you.


Interactive Sex Toys that communicate over a network. This can be Bluetooth, wifi, LAN or (most often) the internet. These toys rely on signals between Toys/Content/Live performers to operate. They receive, transmit, and process signals.

Haptic Sex Toys

Sex Toys fully loaded with haptic and tactile sensors. Haptics is the science of Touch Technology. Registering and Transmitting touch related data. Tactile is the term we use to describe how a user interacts with a touch capacitive sensor or how he/she/they experience the texture of a product.

Kinesthetic Sex Toys.

Kinesthetics is the science of movement. Sex Toys that remotely operate movements in other devices over distance, or move themselves are classed as kinesthetic sex toys.

All kinesthetic and haptic sex toys are Teledildonics.
Not all Teledildonics are Haptic though. Most are Kinesthetic, because they gyrate, vibrate, pump, massage or stroke.

Imagine a stone or crystal dildo with some clear reference points a camera can pick up. So the camera knows where in the space the dildo is at, at what angle and speed it is being used etc. The stone dildo is not haptic. But if that info is being used to move another (virtual or physical) sex toy or device... It's still Teledildonic as well as Kinesthetic.

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