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Both the Onyx2 and the Fleshlight Launch are sophisticated high-end Teledildonic Male Masturbators. But they offer quite different experiences.

In this article we will address 2 questions, our future customers, often ask our live chat web care crew. The answers are too lengthy to list in our FAQ's so lets dive right in!


What are the Similarities between the Onyx2 and the Fleshlight Launch?

Even though people have been trying to use every technological advancement to have sex with for ages, the realm of Sex Tech is a fairly new affaire.

Dedicated Smart Sex toys, tools, services, protocols, and experiences have only entered the world of adult entertainment as late as 2010. Of course, sex toys with motors have been around since 1880, but only recently have they gained interactive and sensory capabilities.

Both the Fleshlight Launch and the Onyx2 are flagships of their genre.
Automated Sex Toys are seen as normal by/for women since the late 19th century. But for men, there aren't that many options available out there.

Fleshlight revolutionized the Adult Pleasure Product industry by being one of the first companies to successfully deconstruct the social taboos that surrounded Masturbators for penis owners.
Fleshlight opened the door for many male consumers to try a  sex toy for the first time.

Of course, looking into the subject of sex toys, men discovered the abundance of sex toys that were available for females and soon they too came to expect more from their toys.

Enter vibrating cock rings, male flared rectal vibrators, E-stim cock cages and other kinds of electronic loveliness. The industry recognized the male desire for personal erotic entertainment and over the years the gamma of male-oriented pleasure products is steadily gaining shelf space.

Kiiroo Onyx2 and the Fleshlight Launch are a natural evolution of the "standard" electronic male pleasure product. Laden with Sensors and telemetry, both devices are able to interpret tactile and kinesthetic data. This means they are fully Teledildonic as they enable their users to both send and receive haptic signals. 

To simplify this, we always say that you can Touch and Feel your partner over any distance. 

Both toys are able to sync with other Kiiroo Toys, classic 2d video content, 3D interactive games and experiences,  Virtual Reality Content, cam performers, and encoded audiobooks.

What are the Differences between the Onyx2 and the Fleshlight Launch?

Onyx2 is a Male Masturbator that has a Pleasure Core with 10 "rings" inside it that can contract in sync to the input it receives. It features an ultra soft and cushiony custom SuperSkin sleeve designed by Fleshlight, that is unique to the Onyx and Onyx2. This sleeve can be taken out and cleaned easily. Or replaced with a fresh one, once the need arises.

If you slide your penis into the sleeve, the Onyx2 will welcome you with the simulation of penetration. The rings will contract around your member, milking your cock. This wonderful personal, intimate massage can be driven by the signals provided by a multitude of products or experiences.

Kiiroo Onyx2

The Kiiroo Onyx2 can receive input from all Kiiroo toys (except from the Esca) and it can send your touch data to any other paired Kiiroo toy (including the Esca) just by stroking the touch capacitive zone on the front of the device.
This means that you can pleasure your partner, while your partner pleasures you. This enables mutual masturbation, and intimate lovemaking between partners, whether they are together or separated by distance.
In addition, you can also sync your Onyx2 to selected toys by: Ann Summers, Pornhub, OhMiBod, We-Vibe, Vorze, and Fleshlight.

Of course, you can also sync your Onyx2 to erotic videos, VR Experiences and other forms of adult entertainment such as 3D Games.

MySexToyGuide Quote about the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch Male Masturbator

The Fleshlight Launch too, can sync to all other Kiiroo Toys. Much like the Onyx2 all of that content is also available to enjoy if you own a Fleshlight Launch.
It also can be connected to the same toys from the aforementioned brands.

The key difference is that the Fleshlight Launch is a device that needs a regular Fleshlight or Fleshjack to be mounted into it before it becomes a Masturbator.
The Fleshlight Launch is designed to make your Fleshlight or Fleshjack interactive.
You can mount all regular Fleshlights and Fleshjacks into the Launch and enjoy your favorite media with your favorite Fleshlight or Fleshjack Model's sleeve.

Where the Onyx2 is simulating thrusting by contracting and relaxing rings around your penis, the Fleshlight Launch slides your favorite Fleshlight over your cock as you sit back and relax. It literally moves the Fleshlight up and down over your erect member.

Where the Onyx2 can be entered with a semi-erect penis and hardens it during use, the Fleshlight Launch is best used with a full erection. 
The Fleshlight launch really pumps your Fleshlight over your dick, simulating anything from a gentle slow, teasing, heartwarming stroke through a hardcore 180 strokes per minute.

Both toys offer a very different sensation. Any woman will tell you that every woman favors a different toy for different reasons. Some toys are more effective with women who like suction to the clitoris, other women like extreme vibrations to the G-Spot. And there is no one toy that can please everyone.

Because everyone's body and genitals are minutely different, certain toys do more for one person than they do for the next. This is also true for men.

That's why we aim to have diverse sensations at the core of each toy design.
Each toy must feel and behave totally different from the other toys we develop.
But they are all designed with the same high-standards of Performance, Privacy, and Pleasure.

If you like pumping go for the Launch, and just click in your favorite Favorite Fleshlight or Fleshjack. If you don't own one already, choose one from our store.
If you prefer milking thrusts and rapid tugging contractions, go for the Onyx2.

If you are interested in grabbing one of our toys, please use coupon code ULTRASEXY as we like to reward our readers with a sweet discount of 15% on their entire order.

 Artwork by:

Anthony van Hamond