KIIROO® Onyx™, Onyx2™ & Onyx+™ Replacement Sleeves (6 Pack)

A package of 6 patented Fleshlight® Superskin™ sleeves for yourKIIROO® Onyx™, Onyx2™ & Onyx+™ devices. These Fleshlight® Sleeves are exclusively designed for KIIROO® Onyx™, Onyx2™ & Onyx+™ male masturbator’s Pleasure Core.

The perfect replacement should you need one. The sleeve texture features a stimulating internal texture and promises an unforgettable squeeze as you thrust forward into its warm and welcoming orifice.

Just place your replacement sleeve inside your KIIROO® Onyx™, Onyx2™ & Onyx+™ and secure the Grip Clip back in place.

Enjoy its soothing soft Fleshlight® Superskin™ as it envelops your member. 

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