5 Expert tricks to intensify your Orgasms with a Fleshlight

The Best Manual Sex Toy for Men

They probably never told you this in sex education class! But it's absolutely ok for a man to have (a) sex toy(s). There is nothing wrong with masturbation. If some taboo-induced backward mental roadblock is holding you back,... Do yourself a favor and break that construct down!

If you are a penis-owner,...and you do not own at least one Fleshlight,...You are doing yourself a giant disservice. Trust us when we say that our Texan partners create the best manual sex toy on Earth to date, we're not lying. If you are into manually controlling your sex toy, it does not get better than Fleshlight toys.

The patented Superskin sleeves are a true delight. In combination with a Fleshlube or a Kiiroo lube, they feel like heaven. They are soft, slick and welcoming. If you don't have a Fleshlight yet, grab one here.

After all...... it's Masturbation Month! You can buy them with Vagina-, Anus-, and Mouth-shaped orifices. Whatever tickles your fancy. Whatever floats your boat.

In this guide, we will show you how to get the most intense and pleasurable orgasms from a Fleshlight or Fleshjack. Remember to royally lubricate your Fleshlight toy before you put in that work!


1. Tip of the Iceberg

Fleshlight how to use guide tips sex toys for men

If you are someone that likes to stimulate the corona of your penis head this one is for you. For circumcised people, this can be a wonderful edging technique. For people with a foreskin, this might be a delightful finishing move.

Slightly move your Fleshlight in a quarter-circular motion from left to right while starting at the bottom of the tip of your dick. Move up and stroke down again to swallow the tip continuously moving down and up.

This feels especially nice when the Fleshlight has acclimatized to your body temperature. Play with the velocity of your micro-strokes and the speed of your rotation to customize this move to your personal preference.

2. The Turtle Neck

Fleshlight how to use the fleshlight Kiiroo guide orgasm male masturbator

Take the Fleshlight out of its casing. Apply a little bit of lube to the regular orifice. Squirt a generous helping of lube into the backside of the Fleshlight sleeve's shaft.

Stick your dick in all the way until the orifice touches your balls and pelvis.

Close your thumb and as many fingers as you like around the opening at the end of your Fleshlight sleeve. Pull down on the Fleshlight sleeve until your tip comes out of the other end.

Squeeze your trigger fingers and thumb around the top of your shaft right underneath the tip as you do this. The harder you squeeze, the more intense the experience becomes. Keep adding lube to the tip of your dick.

3. The one that got away

Fleshlight Techniques how to use a fleshlight Kiiroo Male Masturbator

Some girls are experts at the cowgirl position. Your average Mary-Sue will just bounce up and down and call it a day. But then there are these elusive girls who see riding a dick as their one true calling.

These ladies know how to rock their hips hind and forth as they are going up an down. They can reach amazing speeds doing this.

The truly gifted among them know how to play with varying speeds and the aggression and vigor with which they are sliding up and down your shaft.

To simulate this exquisite experience, move your hand in kind of an oval circular repeating motion while fully inserted into the Fleshlight. Perform strokes along the full length of your member at a pace that feels good to you.

4. The Wedgy

Fleshlight sex techniques sex toy for men Kiiroo

Wedge the Fleshlight in between the pillows of your couch. Sit down on your knees and fuck the Fleshlight like there's no tomorrow. Lubricate it royally. Your eagerness or control there off determines when you finally bust your nut.

If you want to vary on this technique, there is a frosty alternative. If you like a cool breeze against your ballsack, open the freezer door close it on the Fleshlight. Keep it in place by putting pressure on the door as you penetrate the Fleshlight.

Be a responsible adult though. If you decide to act like an idiot and freeze your balls against the meat drawer that's not our fault :P

5. Twist and Shout

Sex Toy instruction guide for Fleshlight by Kiiroo

Start in the middle of your shaft. Twist the Fleshlight twice. and pull up. Repeat.

Try to mix it up by throwing in a hard thrust every now and then.

Go deep, go shallow. But keep at least 50% of your penis inside the Fleshlight.

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