Role Playing Ideas for Couples

Once you’ve brought up the topic of role-playing with your partner, you need to decide what roles you are going to take on. It might seem intimidating at first, but if you’ve both agreed to try it, then the rest is pure fun. There are endless lists online of different role-playing scenarios, but we decided to make it easy for you and pick out the 5 best ones. They all bring something totally unique to the idea of role-playing, and you can personalize each one to fit your desires. 

1. Your College Job

Most of us have worked a customer service job at one point or other in college. If you happened to work in the food sector, then chances are you had a uniform. Now is your opportunity to turn your hate of aprons or caps into a sexy moment with your partner. Did you work at a coffee shop? Then wear your apron without anything underneath. Did you work in a bookshop? Then start giving your partner a few book descriptions to help him with his purchase.

Bonus if you describe erotic books. Most of us didn’t know our partners back in college, so it is an opportunity to get to know each other a little better. You already know the role perfectly, and they will fall in love with your cute college self.

2. Flip the Role

Often couples end up with a certain power dynamic. It might be unintentional, but maybe one of you initiates more often or maybe chooses to change positions or maybe hands out a few spanks. If it is an intentional power dynamic, then this role-playing will become even more interesting. Take whatever dominant/submissive roles you have been fulfilling and flip them.

Whoever gets tied up now does the tying up. Whoever directs during oral sex now has to remain quiet. Flip the roles and you’ll discover a whole new facet to your sex life. The best part about it being a role-playing experience is that you can act out of your comfort zone. You aren’t telling your partner that you want a permanent role reversal – you just want it for one night.

3. Photographer

A lot of role-playing is based on power dynamics, and photography is no exception. One of you will be the camera director while the other one will be the model. You can model anything you wish, but lingerie is an obvious choice. The camera director gets to make commands about poses and the model has to listen.

You can take it further and either have the model seduce the photographer or the photographer command the model to do more than just pose. Whichever direction this scenario takes, you will end up with some excellent photographic evidence. You’ll get to keep the pictures forever as a reminder of that super sultry night.

4. Wearing a Uniform

This is a broad category as there are so many uniforms jobs available, but that is what makes it fun and modifiable. Maybe your partner has always wanted to sleep with a fireman or maybe they drool at the idea of a timid pizza deliveryman. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a whole costume, but you can purchase a few accessories to make it seem more realistic.

A police officer can have a badge and some handcuffs. A repairman might have a polo shirt and a tool belt. When there is a uniform involved, it amplifies the power dynamic, but it doesn’t always mean that the unformed person is in charge. Discuss what you might like and then make sure to act out a little entrance. “I think there’s a fire burning up in here”. The build-up to sex will be the hottest part.

5. Strangers Meeting

This scenario is a classic one for a reason. No power dynamics are needed, just the enthusiasm of both partners. The idea is that you pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time, and inevitably have a one-night stand or a bathroom quickie or anything in between. It is not intended to cause jealousy and if you are prone to this, then maybe this scenario is not for you. It is intended to give you a new rush as if meeting your partner for the first time again.

You can easily amplify this scenario by wearing a non-typical outfit or by wearing a wig, but it is not necessary. Often the scenario starts in public, at a bar or an event and progresses back to “my house or yours”, even if that is the same place. You get to make up a character and play along with it. Maybe you’re normally shy but are feeling bold tonight. Maybe you are normally the life of the party but want to timidly attempt to reject your partner’s advances. Whatever the case may be – it will light a little spark in your night.

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