We asked several Experts in the field of Sex, Sexuality, and Tech their opinions and takes on SexTech. In this first edition of Thought Leaders on SexTech, Isaac Simon interviews Natalie Star Live.
Natalie is an exceptionally successful adult entertainer and the CEO of MajorLeagueCams.com

SexTech is more than a burgeoning field, it’s exploding. People unaware of their own sexual potential need only look to present technology for innovative aid. The tech available now, and in the near future, represents a whole new world of sexual exploration.

KIIROO: Are you satisfied with the state of the SexTech industry as of 2015?

Natalie: In all honesty, I feel the SexTech industry has come a very long way. With so many amazing products on the net, it’s companies like Kiiroo that have gone the extra mile, giving adult webcam performers like myself the opportunity to enhance the user experience.

What kinds of challenges does it face, inside and outside the industry?

In my opinion, and this is just based on what I have seen and the feedback I receive on a daily basis, the more realistic the experience the higher the price. For as many people that are excited about the oohs and ahhs of the new technology, just as many are complaining about its cost. I guess you could say everybody wants a Mercedes at the price of a Kia.

How does it benefit sexual health and personal development?

I am not exactly sure that it does. However, for the open-minded and sexually comfortable SexTech does allow the opportunity for people to push the envelope.

How does it affect the world outside the bedroom?

As sexual beings by nature, we have found that not having sex makes us grumpy and often moody. LOL, Therefore anything new on the market to enhance the sexual experience will always make one’s attitude outside the bedroom more positive.

What do you believe is the future of SexTech, and where do you hope it goes from here?

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Holograms… The only limitations to what the future holds are what our imaginations can come up with. I mean, look how far the telephone has come. Who would have thought, right?

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